Radical Park Scene – Freeriders welcome!

In winter, the Planneralm and Hochwurzen operate professionally shaped and maintained snow parks, while in early summer and autumn, beginning freestylers and top international pros push themselves to the max up on the Dachstein! The Schladming Dachstein region is regarded as the most pioneering snowboard area in all of the Eastern Alps.

Schladming is fast becoming a magnet for snowboarders, providing a lively base for visiting the connected local mountains. Dachstein is an all year-round resort, with summer riding on the Dachstein Glacier , and is home to the Burton Superpark. The riding is spread out over a number of areas which offer basic intermediate terrain, and perfect beginner stuff.

Schladming is not a hardcore or advanced rider’s destination, but that’s not to say there aren’t any testing runs. The four mountains Planai, Hauser Kaibling, Hochwurzen and Reiteralm make up the local area. The Hauser Kaibling mountain has lots of intermediate terrain, with a series of long reds that are ideal for carvers. There are excellent novice trails, with the option to ride a long blue all the way down to the base at the village of Haus, just up the road from Schladming.

Hochwurzen , which rises up to 1,850m, has lots of trees for freeriders to drop through, and a number of reds at the top that base out into simple blues, with easy runs back to Schladming. Theres also a small well shaped park from Christmas time onwards which is floodlit at night.

The Planai Mountain holds the main trails and is reached from the edge of Schladming by gondola. Planai’s runs offer something for everyone, with some interesting intermediate freeriding terrain. The Reiteralm area is much the same as Hochwurzen and although it has a bigger riding area, it’s less convenient for Schladming. Snow cover is pretty good with snowmaking facilities 100% of the Planai and Hochwurzen pistes. The lift pass covers the entire Ski Amade region, 865km of pistes.


… boarding on sunshine
As soon as the first snow has fallen in the high alpine regions, the Dachstein Superpark is the most popular and highest freestyle meeting place in the Eastern Alps (at an altitude of 2,700 m above sea-level).

Local hero & shape boss, Bernd Mandlberger, knows best of all what it’s all about. No wonder, that the quality of the kickers, rails & corners surprise even the most professional rider.  Beginners will also find adventure as the forms and sizes of the obstacles vary. Alpine experience, nature and outdoor fun is guaranteed from the international snowboarding & free skiing scene on the Dachstein Glacier.

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The O’Neil Pleasure Jam
– on the Dachstein-glacier”In winter freeriding is great, especially by the chairlift”, says Bernd. The Dachstein is well-known as a backcountry paradise. Experienced freeriders venture along an aluminium ladder through the  Rosmarie-Stollen into the Edelgriesskar.

The O’Neil Pleasure Jam , held in the Superpark on the Dachstein Glacier, is set to come around again for the sixth time! The program includes daredevil stunts from the European elite of competitive freestyling, a big snowboarding exhibition, along with lots of parties and concerts in Schladming.