Roller skiing / skating is cross-country skiing without snow. It offers a great low-impact, full body exercise, with all the benefits of cross-country skiing – the ultimate fitness sport. It’s suitable for all ages and abilities, for beginners and more experienced skiers alike.

Skating in the heart of nature

Where there’s good cycling, there’s also good skating. The holiday region of Ramsau am Dachstein has recognised this fact and turned the resort into a skating mecca.

A wonderful natural route through the natural relaxation area of the Dachstein is perfect for the lovers of this sport. The finely surfaced route leads you through romantic forests and meadows. Every skater whizzing along here, returns again and again to practice the sport in these idyllic surroundings.

The ski roller route in Ramsau am Dachstein has a total length of 5.6 km along five different loops of different lengths and levels of difficulty.

Both amateur and professional sportmen appreciate this training facility away from traffic noise and the hustle and bustle of everyday life.